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The Law Offices of Vaughn W. Davidson PLLC offers a wide range of expertise to families, individuals, and business entities who are seeking counsel regarding estate planning, real estate needs, social security disability, uncontested family law matters, and business formation.

Our practice areas are briefly explained below. For a more thorough understanding of how we might help you in each area, click the title link provided or call our office at (281) 421-5999.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning encompasses a collection of preparation tasks that distribute and manage someone’s asset base in the event of incapacitation or death. It’s important to use the services of a qualified, experienced attorney during this process to protect against any problems that might arise from a lack of proper planning. We can assist you in the creation of a trust, such as a living trust, irrevocable trust, revocable living trusts, or special needs trust and assist in trust administration if required. Our experience includes high quality legal council in all probate matters, including administration, probate litigation, guardianship, and avoidance and any other estate planning needs including, power of attorney, estate litigation, distribution of assets, asset protection, and a variety of others. Call estate planning attorney Vaughn Davidson at (281) 421-5999 to discuss your legal needs.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law encompasses a wide variety of services ranging from creating a solid foundation during transactions to litigation and trial work regarding contract disputes, foreclosure, development issues, and others. We can assist you in any residential or commercial real estate needs and represent both buyer and sellers regarding purchase agreements and development counsel as well as problems that might arise after a purchase has been made such as non-disclosure, warranty problems, and construction defects. Call (281) 421-5999 to speak with an experienced real estate lawyer who will protect your interests.

Social Security Disability

As an experienced social security disability law office, we will handle all paperwork, provide a clear understanding of the steps involved in filing, and handle any appeals in the event that your initial claim is denied. Filing for SSDI can be a long process. We will be sure to file early, properly, and without delay. It’s important to persevere through the necessary steps. Many times, the length of time involved will prove too daunting for those without experienced guidance. 70% of all initial claims are rejected, so it is important that you file properly to increase the odds in your favor.  In the event of an initial rejection, we will handle all reconsideration and appeal. If you find yourself with the need to file an SSDI claim, you are most likely already dealing with enough stress and pain in your life. Let us help you make the process simple and successful. Call social security disability attorney Vaughn Davidson at (281) 421-5999 today! We are dedicated to helping you…

Family Law

From adoption to divorce, we are dedicated to providing compassionate and objective representation in any uncontested family law matters. In an uncontested divorce both parties typically file a co-petition or motion with the court having already agreed to terms on issues like custody, property division, and support. We can guide you through the legal process effectively and efficiently with the assurance that your interests are protected. Our experience in uncontested divorce can work with the parties to help resolve any disputes through mediation and negotiation. This approach to dissolution helps to reduce stress, emotional damage, and cost, and create a positive environment for any children involved. Call Baytown attorney Vaughn Davidson at (281) 421-5999 for more information regarding his family law services.

Business Law

If you are seeking legal help in forming a new business that is affordable and thorough, attorney Vaughn Davidson is accessible legal counsel that can handle any paperwork and legal advice necessary to form your new enterprise and determine the best legal entity to operate under such as an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), a “C” or “S” corporation, a limited liability partnership (LLP), a non-profit organization, or other type of business venture. As your business grows, we can help to protect you during any disputes and advise you on issues such as contracts, corporate transactions, shareholder agreements, real estate transactions, intellectual property, business litigation, joint venture agreements, and a host of other situations. Call (281) 421-5999 to speak with an experienced business law attorney who is dedicated to helping your business grow and prosper.

For any legal needs or questions, call the Law Offices of Vaughn W. Davidson PLLC at (281) 421-5999.

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