Social Security Disability

An experienced social security disability attorney can be the difference between success and failure when filing a claim. With professional guidance, your case is strengthened. Call us today. We can guide you through the application process and significantly increase your chances of approval.

Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security Disability Attorney | Baytown | The Law Offices of Vaughn W. Davidson PLLCIf you are disabled or unable to work, it is important that you file a claim for Social Security Disability immediately. Working with an experienced SSDI attorney will ensure that your claim is filed properly and managed professionally. The application process can be long and complicated. We can simplify it for you and guide you using decades of legal knowledge and understanding. We take the confusion out of the equation. By having a better comprehension of each step, it becomes easier to navigate the time frame needed for success.

What If My Claim Is Rejected?

About 60 to 70 percent of all initial claims for Social Security Disability are rejected. Many give up at this point. It’s important to continue. We will help you to request a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. Many claims are won at the hearing stage, especially if a strong case is presented by an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer. If you have already been declined, we will review your case and prepare it for the next step. If you are declined at this stage following the hearing by an Administrative Law Judge, an appeal can then be filed with the Appeals Council. We will follow each step, providing everything needed to maximize success. We are determined in our mission to help you win.

Experience. Dedication. Success.

I have built a reputation fighting for the rights of my clients in the Baytown area and throughout the Gulf Coast of Texas. High quality service is an important hallmark to my practice. In my Social Security Disability work, you are only charged for my services if you receive benefits. Once your claim is accepted, I will ensure that you receive proper payment from the Social Security Administration.

Whether you are just starting the Social Security Disability Claim process or have already had your claim rejected, the Law Offices of Vaughn W. Davidson PLLC will guide you through the legal process. Call (281) 421-5999 or simply fill out the contact form to the right to discuss your claim.

Vaughn Davidson

Vaughn Davidson